Wednesday, April 22, 2009


pasukan kadet polis

Everyone likes to have a honeymoon time especially person who married. For the students like us our honeymoon time just only in our mind. But we also have a honeymoon period such as after SPM or STPM. For me camping with my friends is my honeymoon time. As a committee member, we as a form 5 student has ordered to organize a team building camp for Police Cadet Corp and Scout at Pantai Tanjung Kembang at Kabong. That camping just for 3 days only. Start from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.

cikgu wong 'n' l/kpl sopian

We all go they by using Sarikei District Headquarter (DHQ Sarikei) transportation. Our trainer is Koperal Mohd Noor. We also been escort by L/KPL Sopian from Pondok Polis Selalang. Many events we organize at the camp such as Burung Hantu, kereta api malam, ikhtiar hidup and many more. The goals of this camp is to build our cooperation among members and to build team works habit. At the end of this camp we all manage to fulfill the goals. Thank to our teacher especially trainer from our school and from DHQ Sarikei.
Not just at school, I also have this kind of situation when I’m joining National Services at Kem PLKN Junaco Park, Sibu. At the first day reporting in, I fell so nervous because many kind of story I heard from my friends. But I take it as a challenge. I have been ordered to join Charlie Company under Cikgu Terin as our Company Teacher. After that we all gathering to select our company commander and our platoon commander. My company commander is Mohd Fikri from Klang. Commander for 1st platoon is Martin from Sibu.

charlie company

The best activities is Wira Jaya Exercise. We all go to the nearest forest to learn about survival and many more. That activities organize for 3 days. In that exercise we all have been separated into a small group that known as “seksyen”. Ranggau, Stephen and two more person are in my group. In that activities we all are ordered to clean the perimeter for our base, cook by we selves and build our own tent. We also did not bath for 3 days. At night we all set up a camp fire to give heat for the surrounding. I also heard our camp area is haunted. So we also are asked to stay in our own perimeter, not to walk away by base to base.
The sad things is after we all done our exercise our camp have water pipe problem. All of my friends angry with the management because we all want to clean our self and wash our uniform. We all search the alternative ways to clean our self. So that we all have a bath at rain water storage. After a days, all my friend that bath using that water have to go to clinic because they all have infection because the water is not clean.
So poor. That is the last event before we all finish the program in National Service.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ape2 je la labu.............

Hi there, thanks because read my blog. Before that, i was write about myself. I hope you know me better than before. I will update all my article as soon as possible. In this article i will write about the topic that my lecture have give. This is about my friend. A friend that i know when we are in the same class. A friend that was quite preety and havve characteristic as the last malay women. Haha... but all my inspection all wrong. She have many opposite that i dont know before. If i know this wil happens i will never have a talk with her. She have changed my feeling towards her. On than night, i have ‘sms’ him to ask for a book. As a friend i was joking to her and insert “syg” into my ‘sms’. Firstly i did not know that she already have boyfriend. I put that word because i want to be friendly to her. Beside that many of my friend didn’t care about that word because they also ‘guni2’ in sabah words. Haha... to short the story, it was begin on that day. On that time i want to go to mosque to have a ‘solat jumaat’. On the journey i was check my phone if i have misscall. But only a ‘sms’ in my inbox. At the beginning i was shocked with the ‘sms’. I dont where is the mistake. She blame me because i already break his relationship with his boyfriend. There are many factor to make them break up. Not just only the ‘sms’ that i was sent to her. I really misunderstand with her attitude. Why should she blame me? I think she should investigate first before can blame somebody. Its was unlogical statement. Even crazy people dont make that kinds of statement. As a muslim, relationship before married are really forbidden. If you want to know some one better we exactly do “ta’aruf”. Engagement is a kind of “ta’aruf”. In that time if you think he/she are better than you can married he/she as soon as possible. In that ways we can avoid from making sins. From that situation she already make me in confiusion. I dont know what to make. If she think this is her mistake she should ask a forgiveness from me. Insyallah i will forgie her. If not you know yourself la... haha... actually i’m a hot – tempered person. But Islam already teach that we must be kind with our relatives. Should i forgive she because of that problem? Should i?